The Gary L. Prettyman Collection

Gary Prettyman has gained high recognition within the surfing community for his contemporary style of surf art. Among his collectors are Gotcha, Ocean Pacific, Surfing Magazine, Waterfront Hilton, and the Charthouse.

Gary L. Prettyman Dewey Weber

Dewey Weber

A historical rendition of Dewey Weber captures the beauty and spirit of this surfing legend, at Malibu in the 60's. Now available as a beautiful Giclee' print.
Size - 24" x 32" Giclee' Print

Gary's Lithographs

These ultra-fine high quality lithographs are printed on premium papers to accurately capture the life, richness, and detail of Gary's original Acrylic paintings.

Gary L. Prettyman Stretching Greg Mungal

"Stretching" - Greg Mungal

Size - 24" x 30" Lithograph

Gary L. Prettyman Off The Lip

"Off The Lip" - Tom Curren

Size - 24" x 30" Lithograph

Gary L. Prettyman Kelly Slater

Cutting Glass" - Kelly Slater

Size - 24" x 30" Lithograph