The Glenn Gravett Collection

Santa Barbara, California surf artist Glenn Gravett is currently working on a beautiful and historic series of oil paintings titled "The Legends of Surfing". Eventually the series will include up to 30 portraits and action shots of the pioneers of the sport of surfing. His work is currently featured in the North Shore Surf Museum in Halaiwa, Hawaii.

Glenn Gravett The Competitors

"The Competitors"

The 1967 Duke Kahanamoku Sunset Beach Surf Contest. Ricky Grigg, Fred Hemmings, Felipe Pomar, and Greg Noll. Licensed exclusively by famed surf photographer LeRoy Grannis to Glenn Gravett.

Size - 21" x 28" Limited Edition (250) Giclee' Print

Offset Lithograph by Glenn Gravett

Skip Frye

Size - 24" x 36" Offset Lithograph